CATEC powers digital transformation through services designed to reinvent your application portfolio and a new style of IT.

Enterprise Services Whether it be Business Process Outsourcing, Online Services, Business Automation or Mobile applications, understanding the business process and managing change is key to gaining productivity gains with new software deployment.

Enterprise Application Development
Develop applications that work the way your enterprise works.
The demands on today’s applications are changing. They must be securely integrated in real-time with disparate data sources. They need to exchange data with other systems on public cloud, private cloud, traditional systems and other third-party ecosystems in a world of hybrid technology. And they must be capable of running on touch devices of all shapes and sizes so that people can perform business tasks on-the-go.
The way in which work gets done is changing how business applications are developed. That’s where CATEC Application Development can help.
Backed by expertise from thousands of successful implementations regionally, CATEC works directly with customers to overcome today’s challenges, combining the right technologies and skill sets. We approach enterprise application development by putting the user experience front and center. As a Gold partner for Microsoft, distinctive Agile development credentials, and with hundreds of successful Microsoft .NET application implementations we can help you maximize value from your applications and drive digital transformation. Our Application Managed Services give you the option of allowing CATEC to manage the applications you create using a business-centric service level agreement designed to surpass in-house service, at a lower cost.

CATEC Application Development solutions focus on building enterprise applications, which reflect the changing work environment.
  • Enhance employee productivity across touch and mobile devices to support the needs of an on-the-go workforce
  • Securely integrate with multiple data sources in real time to stay ahead in today's connected environment
  • Maximize flexibility in deployment with deep expertise across public cloud, private cloud and traditional systems
  • Emphasize a better user experience to foster employee satisfaction and productivity
Custom Application Development
Create a competitive advantage with custom application development.
There’s no doubt that custom applications can give your company a powerful competitive advantage. But designing specialized software internally can be time intensive and costly. At CATEC, developing custom enterprise applications is our core competency. Our Custom Application Development has helped thousands of customers across the region design, deploy and run Microsoft SharePoint / .NET-based applications that drive real, quantifiable business value.

We provide standard architectural design patterns and guidelines to establish consistency across your entire portfolio. That integration ensures all your systems are working and communicating seamlessly.
CATEC’s Custom Application Development includes:
  • Application Managed Services
  • Cloud Applications
  • Service-oriented architectures (SOA)
  • Application integration that addresses the full integration lifecycle
  • Web applications
  • Rich Internet applications
  • Mobile and RFID applications
  • Grid/high-performance computing applications
  • User experiences that use Silverlight, Microsoft Surface and touch technologies
  • SharePoint development

Our custom development is focused on creating differentiated applications which combine deep back-end expertise with modern user experiences.
  • Customers realize results through the rapid development of new, interoperable .NET applications with a user experience that is both useful and beautiful
  • Microsoft Certified developers help get your services to market faster, lowering enterprise application development costs
  • Integration that ensures all your systems are working and communicating seamlessly
Mobile Applications
Mobile applications that redesign the way you work.
Mobility is no longer solely about deploying devices to employees. Instead, it’s about developing a mobile strategy across all facets of your business that changes the way works gets done. The convergence of powerful handheld devices, and increasingly flexible environments, is creating both opportunities and challenges to connect with customers and increase worker productivity.

No matter which industry or platform, CATEC has the proven expertise to deliver robust, enterprise mobile solutions and by enabling your employees to make smarter, faster decisions, your enterprise realizes results.
CATEC’s consumer applications can help you manage the brand and purchase experience, while delivering greater value to your customers.
  • We specialize in developing compelling applications for businesses and consumers with rich user experiences and intuitive interfaces
  • CATEC specializes in building cross-platform solutions so that employees, partners and customers are seamlessly and securely connected to your existing infrastructure — regardless of the technologies involved
  • We can help bring your distributed teams closer together, providing them with direct access to organizational data, customer details and actionable information
Application Modernization
Create business agility and reduce cost through application modernization.
Legacy applications can create a dilemma. While still critical, they can also become an obstacle to the operation and growth of your business. Over time, existing enterprise applications can prove expensive, as their inability to respond to business process change prevents work from being used in new, more effective ways.
CATEC’s Application Modernization solutions helps you transform legacy technology. They provide an agile platform to accelerate time-to-market for new business applications, so
your enterprise can work in ways that align with your business strategy — opening doors to new opportunities and reducing costs.

Working with you, the CATEC team and our proven tools and methodologies can help you to modernize your application portfolio:
  • Maximize your existing IT investments by migrating legacy technologies to current Microsoft .NET-based services
  • Take advantage of service-oriented architecture (SOA) approaches to increase functionality of existing software applications
  • Benefit from increased stability and flexibility with our specialized expertise in addressing challenges associated with legacy software such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Commerce Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Effectively manage the entire application migration process in an agile manner by combining Microsoft’s industry-leading partner tools with CATEC's own assets, templates and processes
CRM Services
Get The Most Out Of Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Investment
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is crucial tool for serving better to customers who are the core of any business, and so is managing the relationship with customers.
CATEC’s domain expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution configuration, customization and implementations ranges from customer interfacing planning to end-to-end relationship management.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to serve a wide variety of organizations and businesses. And while CRM is a tremendous tool out-of-the-box for just about any type of company, there is still room for adjustment. It is understandable that the needs of a technology service company are much different from the needs of an online sales business. Yet they can both use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enhance their business practices. However it is likely that in order to gain the most out of CRM, the two companies will need to use the software a little differently.

This is where CATEC come in; configuration/customization services that can help tailor the CRM software to your individual needs. We follow an 80/20 philosophy where 80% of the features used are out-of-the-box and 20% are customized to your needs. We are experts in the .Net framework and are more than capable of working with you to meet your needs. For example, you may need to develop complex integrations with other applications, or maybe you need a custom screen, custom reports, or even a complex business workflow. The point is we can help you take the next step in maximizing your use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to make your business run efficiently.

Whether you are Microsoft Dynamics CRM user or still evaluating CRM solutions, CATEC is here to help provide you the guidance on “next steps.” With over 10 years of experience with CRM, we understand how to maximize the return on investment (ROI) for a new CRM solution. To meet your business needs and budget.

Customer Relationship Management Solution for Government

The private sector has revolutionized customer care, and these improvements have accordingly and understandably raised the expectations of individuals and organizations as they interact with their government. People have experienced access to broad customer service options on their own terms, and now citizens and constituents expect seamless, personalized, convenient self-service options for interacting with government organizations across multiple channels at any time of day or night.

Government organizations of all sizes can strengthen these relationships by cost-effectively and efficiently delivering higher levels of prompt, “citizen-centric” service using the same customer relationship management (CRM) tools and technologies widely adopted within the commercial sector.

CATEC’s vision is to create opportunities within government to provide extraordinary value to citizens and constituents as well as to workers and leaders; change the way government runs from within and change the way government interacts with the world. This transformation won’t come by accident. It requires a strategic approach to make that a reality today and sustainable for the future. A well-defined CRM strategy with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM at its center can help governments meet citizens’ expectations for efficient and accessible service, all the while maintaining budgetary integrity.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a complete relationship management solution that helps improve collaboration, communication, operational insight and overall efficiencies. Built on and accessed through familiar Microsoft technologies, it provides a flexible and affordable platform that gives government organizations a 360-degree view of citizens’ and constituents’ information and needs in order to quickly and easily resolve inquiries and issues. Microsoft Dynamics CRM automates and streamlines key tasks associated with citizen services, field inspections, case management, grants management, Contracts Management, licensing and permitting and much more, thus empowering government organizations to meet their unique requirements and improve service delivery across all departments and functional areas.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help governments attain three key objectives:
  • People-Centric Productivity
  • Citizen Value Creation
  • Government Cost Management